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“Voices without echoes die” I heard this at Women Moving Millions this week. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I have been so privileged to be in so many rooms, mostly small rooms of highly engaged souls, around the world over the past 20 years hearing stories of women, of entrepreneurs, of amazing […]

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I met Tal Dehtiar about 10 years ago, maybe more when he ran MBAs without Borders. We instantly connected on so many levels. I loved his drive and vision and core purpose to build a better world.  He launched Oliberte a while later and it’s one of the most inspiring entrepreneur journey’s I’ve witnessed. He […]

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of surprised male investors waking up to the conclusion that women-led ventures in their portfolio are outperforming their male counterparts. Perennial foghorn Kevin O’Leary found that the only commonality among the ventures that returned him money were that they were run by women and First Round Capital took at […]

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Its spring cleaning time! We all have the chance to clear out the winter clothes, the body toxins, the storage around the house and get into our lighter, sunnier, warmer selves. A change of seasons offers us a chance to regroup, remove that which doesn’t suit the current environment and adjust what needs adjusting. So […]

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Reposted from ID8nation: VICKI SAUNDERS OF SHEEO What’s wrong with the entrepreneurship narrative. By: James F. Sweeney on February 26, 2015 CommunityEconomic DevelopmentEducationFeaturedIncubators and AcceleratorsLivingMoneyTalent One of the most encouraging responses to gender inequities and bias (intentional or not) in Silicon Valley and venture capital has been the rise of an alternative network of angel […]

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I was asked at dinner the other night, “So Vicki, what are your perceptions of Palestine. Be honest”.  The first thing I said was, I’m so embarrassed to say how ignorant I was of this region of the world. The image in my head of the West Bank is really an image of Gaza: jeep-like trucks […]

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So, imagine this. You want to be a tech entrepreneur in Palestine. You’ve got great ideas, a lot of passion and a long list of things that you see happening in other parts of the world that you’d like to bring here. Let’s get started. Here are your constraints: You have no 3G access. There […]