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Reposted from ID8nation: VICKI SAUNDERS OF SHEEO What’s wrong with the entrepreneurship narrative. By: James F. Sweeney on February 26, 2015 CommunityEconomic DevelopmentEducationFeaturedIncubators and AcceleratorsLivingMoneyTalent One of the most encouraging responses to gender inequities and bias (intentional or not) in Silicon Valley and venture capital has been the rise of an alternative network of angel […]

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I was asked at dinner the other night, “So Vicki, what are your perceptions of Palestine. Be honest”.  The first thing I said was, I’m so embarrassed to say how ignorant I was of this region of the world. The image in my head of the West Bank is really an image of Gaza: jeep-like trucks […]

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So, imagine this. You want to be a tech entrepreneur in Palestine. You’ve got great ideas, a lot of passion and a long list of things that you see happening in other parts of the world that you’d like to bring here. Let’s get started. Here are your constraints: You have no 3G access. There […]


Today on break with a few of the participants I got into a conversation around culture. I asked the group around me if they wanted to stay in Palestine or leave. All 3 young men unanimously said they wanted to go elsewhere to build their dreams. Two had studied their masters degrees in London and […]

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Today was the first day of a 5-day training program for 40 entrepreneurs in Nablus at the An-Najah University. I’m here facilitating the session on behalf of Ryerson Futures. It was a long day starting with a 7am pick-up for a 75-minute drive to Nablus from Ramallah. The landscape was beautiful along the drive with […]


Wow. Today has been something else. We travelled from Tel Aviv to Ramallah and crossed the border with no issues. They had recently opened up another crossing that was previously only available for military and diplomats and we sailed through without incident. Our first take on Ramallah was quiet. We didn’t see a lot of […]

I was recently at a conference and a person was presenting on the topic – The Simply Irresistible Organization. The presenter put up a slide that showed a quote: 10% of your employees create 90% of the value in your company. As soon as I looked at it, I thought, What?? Do you really believe that? […]